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Neighborhood Church Endowment Committee Presents

Endowment Fund Update as of July 2014

Heritage Legacy Membership

Regular and Gold Members – current numbers

Current participation includes 20 Gold Members (Documentation on file indicating that NC has been included in their Estate Planning), 11 Regular Members (Letter of Intent on file), and 3 Original Heritage Society Members.

Treasurer’s Report

Status of Endowment Fund

As of the June 2014 Statement ,

The Fund is currently invested in 27 different Exchange Traded Funds (26 of which were up for the year), resulting in a 5% earnings over the first 6 months of 2014.

Endowment Fund Heritage Legacy

Quotes from Endowment:

"As I look at The Neighborhood Church, it's membership, staff and incredible physical location perched on the edge of our beautiful California coastline, I become even more determined than ever to protect this legacy by doing all that I can, with the help of all of us, to build and sustain a fortress endowment fund.  That goal, without question, is one of the most worthwhile contributions we can all make to help this magnificent Church last for the ages.

- David Buxton, Vice Chairmen & Treasure, Endowment Committee

A message from Ruberta Weaver

At a recent Endowment Committee Meeting, the committee members asked Ruberta Weaver, a member of our Endowment Advisory Council, to write a message expressing her views about the importance of building our endowment fund for the benefit of The Church.  Here are some of Roberta’s quotes on this important endeavor:

As a long time member of Neighborhood Church you probably intend to leave something to the Church in your legacy, but though you would like that something to be more, you do not have thousands and thousands.  Never fear.  The Endowment Committee, eager to carry forward the good work of the Church, can make any amount mount with other gifts to perpetuate the value of Neighborhood Church into the future.

It is very difficult to consider an unknown gift when you are not sure of your own needs.  The Church would not consider depriving you, or your loved ones, of needed funds.  We would like, however, to be sure to be included in your final plans since the Church has been important to you and you will want to make it available to others in the future.

Many of you and I have talked about Neighborhood Church and how much it means to us.  I hope the Church can continue as a fountain of strength.  As I think about the future I realize that I can do something to make this positive image happen.  If we can build a bulwark of endowment funds, with little bits from you and me, we will protect this wonderful entity forever.

-- Ruberta

We think this captures the essence of what many of us feel about Neighborhood Church and assuring it has a future that continues our legacy within the community we serve.  Please join Ruberta and our congregation in meeting our mission:

To grow and manage the Endowment Fund in the best interest of Neighborhood Church, in order to sustain the financial stability and protect the asset and programs for the benefit of both the Church and the Community.

If you are interested in learning more about planned giving and the Heritage Legacy, please let us know by contacting either our Business Manager or any member of the Endowment Committee.  If you have not yet provided us with a letter of intent to support the Endowment Fund, we can provide you with that form as well.  It is also available on the Church website under Endowment.  Look for upcoming notices about our series of estate planning workshops.

Endowment Committee:  Don Lange (Chairman), Bob Morris, David Buxton, Doug Taylor, Kitty Edler, Karin Frasier (BOT Advisor)

Letter of Intent

For a Letter of Intent, please click HERE.

For more information about how you can make a difference by participating in the Endowment Fund and becoming a Heritage Legacy Member, contact Don Lange at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 310-245-9243, or Anna Hill at 310-378-9353 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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